We not only celebrate festivals for the fun that it provides but also ensure that we reap benefits for the under-privileged through sponsorships of these events. We ensure flow of money from the well-to-do on to the needy through charitable events, musical nights and more. This is our motive of equating fun with charity so that you are nowhere behind to help the needy!


HVIA believes in transcending the Indian culture to our future generations so that they do not forget their roots. To bring out the culture in them, HVIA organizes a number of language classes for kids- Hindi and Shloka. Financial, Home buying and investing seminars for adults so that you make smarter decisions. The fees charged for these seminars are directed towards the help of the poor.


We value health and especially that of the older people. To ensure that everyone around us are in the pink of their health; we offer discounts at gymnasiums to help them participate in healthy workout sessions. We also arrange marathon runs; as an initiative to keep up with some physical exercise in the busy scheduled lives.


If you think, your contribution to the society is minimal; HVIA is in the constant lookout for volunteers for the various initiatives that we organize. So you can sign up as a volunteer for to help us organize various charitable events or help conduct the events in the form of langaars or educational classes and more.


Blending the vibrant ancient culture with current progressive thinking; under one roof!

A group of motivated individuals striving to provide a platform for kids and adults to nurture their talent while strengthening the community. We bring India to your door through education, entertainment, and celebration.